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Email Liên Lạc

Email: yennth32@techcombank.com.vn

Thông Tin Tuyển Dụng

  • CNTT - Phần mềm, Ngân hàng
  • Lương thỏa thuận
  • Giám đốc
  • Hà Nội
  • Nhân viên chính thức
  • Văn phòng Chuyển đổi (iPMO)
  • 10 - 15 Năm

Hạn Chót Nhận Hồ Sơ

* Ngân hàng sẽ trực tiếp liên hệ tới hồ sơ đạt yêu cầu tới vòng phỏng vấn

IT Security Lead

Division Purpose:

  • The Transformation Office is responsible for the execution of the Bank’s transformation vision, strategy and roadmap of deliverables with a focus on digitalization of customer journeys.
  • The Transformation Office executes the portfolio of projects / initiatives pre-dominantly through an Agile methodology (some foundational projects will still follow the Waterfall method)
  • The Transformation Office houses a variety of expertise to support the execution of the portfolio of projects/ initiatives such as technology, data analysis, risk modelling, design thinking, change management and digital partnerships amongst others.
  • The Transformation Office tracks and measures the progress of the execution using modern portfolio management techniques (example, OKRs and TTIs) to ensure value is created.

Tribe Purpose

  • The Technology Tribe will support the business by building solutions required to deliver on the bank's digital strategy.
  • The Technology Tribe will advise and design solutions based on requirements from and feasibilities of other tribes, develop solutions based on the architecture blueprint while ensuring quality assurance throughout the development and execution of solutions.
  • The Technology Tribe will be equipped with forefront programming skills and knowledge of digital technologies so as to be able to provide innovative design solutions and advice on improvements needed to meet business needs

Job Purpose

  • The job holder will be hand on and design, implement and enhance measures and controls for all of Cyber security matters for Transformation Office activities.
  • The job holder will engage in the world of risk management and mitigation.
  • The job holder is responsible for coaching and mentoring all Security specialists and other Technical staffs, and being a role model for modern Security architect, cloud oriented aproach and best in class practices.

Key Relationships

  • Reports to Architect Lead.
  • Direct reports include IT Security Engineers.
  • Internal stakeholders include members of Transformation Office, Technology Division and other relevant departments in Techcombank.
  • External stakeholders include partners providing professional services.


  1. Security
  • Develop and implement strategy and operation plan that is in line with Business strategy and the Bankwide compliance.
  • Develop and control the implementation, compliance with policies, standards, regulations - standards, procedures, guidelines – information security template of technology throughout Transformation Office.
  • Be a critical resource for our engineering teams on all manner of security matters
  • Work side-by-side with Architects, Developers and Delivery Leads alike while addressing security concerns
  • Make architectural decisions critical to our products
  • Survey the backlog of Tribes, prioritize appropriately, and shepherd solutions through with persistence
  • Develop human resource plan, coordinating human resources, developing assigning mechanism, recording and evaluating the work efficiency of employees, ensuring quantity and quality of resources in the unit.
  • Organize training, job orientation for employees, build human resource for the unit.
  • Communication and orientation for staff follow the guidelines and development orientation of the system.
  • Be accountable for the successful delivery of solutions to support the bank's digital strategy and in ensuring end-to-end quality, safety for the products to be delivered.
  • Work closely with other tribe leads and the senior leadership team to develop and deliver best in class Security standards and practices for the bank, while building a high performance culture within the tribe through effective people and project management leadership.
  1. Managing Projects
  • Oversee coordination and delivery of products across squads and ensure timely delivery of products in accordance to timeline set.
  • Monitor and evaluate successful implementation of products while developing enhancements based on implementation results/responses.
  • Design and set product development priorities with evaluation and inputs from Business and Data Tribes, ensuring products are delivered at the speed of markets.
  1. Managing Stakeholders
  • Manage strategic relationships with other tribes and squads, ensuring that overall business objectives are being achieved through the translation of strategic plans into operational plans and guiding the execution of said plans.
  1. Managing Talent
  • Attract, motivate and retain employees across all levels for a high performance culture
  • Develop and coach more junior employees to identify gaps in their competencies and build development plans and push tribe members to keep updated on new technologies and digital experiences so they can develop innovative solutions for the digital bank.

Domain Expertise

  • 7+ years experience to include a combination of the following:
  • Application development experience with the full Software Development Lifecycle
  • Application security/software security
  • Creating and delivering creative solutions to complex problems
  • Knowledge of application security practices, including the areas of platform architecture, application security modeling, and systems integrity
  • Knowledgeable about the tools used to build an Application Security program
  • Knowledgeable about secure development life-cycle, threat modeling, and web application security assessments.
  • Deep experience working on Cloud Security Architect.
  • Experience working with DevSecOps tools is a must (RE protection, SSL pinning, payload encryption, Code quality, source code analysis,..)
  • Experience working with security tools (network monitor, encryption, web vulnerability scanning, penetration..) 
  • Experience automating security tests into the development process
  • Understanding of common authentication and authorization methodologies

Agile / Digital Experience

  • Proven track-record in leading company-wide digital transformation initiatives and change management
  • Mastery in Agile Software Development and is an industry expert on Agile methodology and practices


Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology

Personal Attributes

  • Passionate about technology and excited about the impact of emerging/disruptive technologies
  • Wants to unleash inner self-starter and work in an environment that fosters entrepreneurial minds
  • Believes in a non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency and trust across the team
  • Openness to new ideas and desire to develop them together
  • High-energy and passionate outlook to the role and can influence those around her/him

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